Анастасия Кудряшова

Анастасия Кудряшова

Руководитель бренда и коммуникаций в экосистеме Uzum

Тема: Как коммуникация помогает бренду расти

Описание: Битва за попадание в consideration set - как бренд-маркетинг влияет на TOM/SpBrAw
Про бренд-атрибуты, DMS, BMS, brand assets и почему бренд-менеджеры просят сделать логотип больше
Почему караоке-маркетинг работает и как еще можно выбиться из клаттера
Зачем загонять креатив в (креативные) рамки
Чек-лист эффективно коммуникации 

* лекция на русском

Биография: She worked for Mars company for 11 years, was responsible for the Orbit brand, and later for the marketing of the entire confectionery portfolio at Russian largest retail client X5.

She launched product innovations and 360’ advertising campaigns at Orbit, including the “Time to Speak” campaign dedicated to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. This advertising campaign won 3 Effie in Russia (gold-silver-silver) and the gold Effie award in Europe.

After Mars company, she switched to digital and rebranded “Beru” to “Yandex.Market”, and “Yandex.Market” from a price comparison service to a marketplace. She developed a communication platform, launched support for product initiatives, large-scale advertising campaigns, and successful special projects. For example, the Kazan Marathon integration project has collected 4 gold awards at 3 festivals.

Her last place of work is AliExpress. There she recreated the brand platform, found a creative framework, and drove the growth of the local AliExpress app through rebranding and the right insight.