Gustoso brand idenitity & packaging



Рабочая группа

биз менен Брендтен!

art director; Azamat Tursunkulov


Gustoso Coffee is a coffee brand that was born in the ancient city of Osh. The brand conveys naturalness and care, promotes an independent and sophisticated attitude to life.

it is accompanied by a symbol - a simplifield graphic mark in the shape of coffee cup.

the color palette emphasizes the naturalness and purity of products

the concept of gustoso brand identity is a translation of the inspiration behind the the bussiness: eclecticism, freedom, wander. Celebration of life

Gustoso is different from other coffee houses on the market, the brand conveys cleanliness and expertise. As simple as that. We decided to position the brand as a clean, simple and easy to use product and expressed this through design.