Samsung Late Night Show


Samsung Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Nurlan Satarov
Yekaterina Goncharuk
Farhat Omirbaev
Yevgeniy Alexeyev
Aida Grigorieva
Maxim Pochevalov

Client Service:
Venera Jussupova
Timur Grigoriev

Digital & Influence:
Alim Razdykov
Tolkynay Bolatkyzy
Lida Virinskaya
lyas Zhantureyev
Omar Kaisar
Salauat Arystanbekov


Every year, the launch of a new Samsung TVs line-up and audio products was accompanied by an offline event.

In 2021, in the midst of home mode, a new and interesting product presentation format was needed.

A nostalgic online show with references to various familiar TV shows and hackneyed commercials.

Samsung TV Show — an online show that combines all the usual TV programs: an evening show with guests, musical performances, weather forecasts, breaking news, horoscope, news, and cliché commercials.

For all influencers made a personal video related to the product or show breaks.