Public Foundation “Don’t Be Silent”

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According to WHO, in Kazakhstan every 3rd woman was sexually abused. But females in Kazakhstan are still silent. They afraid to talk about such cases due to fear of shaming and convictions of traditional society where victim blaming is strongly developed and they don’t feel any protection from the Government.

The Government doesn’t see the whole scale of the problem so it does not consider sexual violence as a serious crime: the punishment for rape is 2 or 3 years. While cattle rustling is given 5 years. Moreover, only 1 out of 7 rapists locked up in prison.

This is a vicious circle: women are silent - the Government doesn’t see the problem - women don’t receive protection - women are silent.

The Public Foundation “Don’t Be Silent” is fighting for women's rights and encourages females not to be silent about cases of sexual violence. The objective is to draw the attention of the Parliament, make them see the real scale of the problem and tighten the penalty for rape.

To help the Foundation we created the “Unsilent bouquet» which raised a wave of discussions and buzz around this problem in society.

We replaced the popular wrapping paper for bouquets called "newspaper" with paper on which dozens of stories from the ‘Don’t Be Silent’ foundation were printed. And all these stories were about violence against women in which rapists did not receive the punishment they deserve.

Our message was sent directly from the flower shop to a woman. These bouquets were presented on the streets and protest meeting for women's rights. We sent bouquets to famous journalists, bloggers and parliament deputies. Many people supported the project, raised discussion on their social pages and encourage subscribers not to be silent.

Budget: $0
Earned social media impressions: 39 998
Earned reach: 743 667

Phones of the ‘Don’t Be Silent!' Foundation hotline were overloaded and they received more than 200 stories from women who were silent before.

The leader of ‘Don’t Be Silent!' foundation was invited to Parliament on the discussions of the Law on tougher penalties for sexual violence, which the President of Kazakhstan promised to adopt very soon.