SMMщики-Болельщики / SMM Fans



Рабочая группа

Executive Creative Director: Yevgeniy Kostylev
Creative Director: Nikita Frankovskiy
Creative Group Head: Denis Babkov
Art Director: Alena Timofeeva
Copywriter: Victor Yershov
Designer: Saiynkhan Shaimardanov, Alexander Filatov
Head of SMM: Azamat Ruzhev
SMM Project Manager: Madiyarova Madina
Managing Director: Yuliya Tushina
Account Director: Anna Kostyleva
Account Executive: Assel Kartabayeva


Fonbet is the online sports betting site, officially entered the Kazakhstan market and needed to re-launch the local instagram account, create unique engaging content that will differ from competitors' pages, taking into account strict legal restrictions for bookmakers that prohibit any paid promotion.
Most bookmakers accounts in social media are similar as twins: same plain information with sports news and predictions, no emotional content that makes you follow the account.
Instead of impersonal SMM-manager, we gave the word to the persons - fans, remarkable characters created by us and aimed to different types of target audience.
Each character is a fan of one kind of sport and writing his own column.
Maria Shmirnova - gives all her passion to the hockey, lost a tooth in one of the games and now has a permanent lisp, even in writing posts.
Yerma and Yerzhik are twin brothers, completely different in everything but appearance and interest in football.
Kazbek Maksatovich - a lover of life and tennis enthusiast, used to play with the president once in a while, as he mentions in every conversation.
Marat Slamdank is the owner of a every basketball team’s snapback collection, which no one would see, as he does not fit into any photo because of his height.
Kirill Monster Kill - former weightlifter, throw himself into eSports after injury, and now nobody would dare to call him a cheater.
We made a photoshoot with our heroes and prepared photo library for publications: more than 4000 photos.
In 6 months the number of subscribers increased up to 550% without using paid promotion. Engagement rate grew up to 5.8%.