Новая валюта в Казахстане / New currency in Kazakhstan


Венский Квартал / Vienskiy Kvartal

Рабочая группа

Executive Creative Director: Yevgeniy Kostylev
Creative Director: Nikita Frankovskiy
Art-Director: Alena Timofeeva
Copywriter: Victor Yershov
Designer: Saiynkhan Shaimardanov, Alexander Filatov
Head of SMM: Azamat Ruzhev
Managing Director: Yuliya Tushina
Account Director: Anna Kostyleva
Account Executive: Asya Tynystanova


There was real estate in the The Vienskiy Kvartal residential complex that still could not be sold: not the most popular commercial properties but still quite attractive for investment.
How to sell it, especially in times of economic instability, when the number of requests hit the rock bottom?
We discovered that people without specific financial education but successful in their business - businessmen, company employees, specialists - become active during the crisis. We called them "household investors».
Some of them had never considered investments into commercial real estate. And they were faced a choice: how to save money during the crisis?

Bank deposit? It wouldn’t save from currency devaluation or bank bankruptcy.
Foreign currency? But rates are not stable, it’s impossible to predict which one will not lose.
So we created a new, most stable and predictable way to save money in Kazakhstan: the new currency - ‘square meter’ of commercial real estate in the Vienskiy Kvartal residential complex. And we called it "Vienskiy Square Metre".

In times of economical crisis, everyone's eyes focused on the currency rate. Therefore, we had placed the ‘Vienskiy Square Metre’ among other currencies on the exchange board. And while the rates of other currencies were fluctuating, our currency was the only one stable. 
The news about the new currency in Kazakhstan caused great interest and discussion in social media. We even got a phone call from the Ministry of Finance.
We launched web-banners which led to analytical articles analyzing the investment profitability of commercial real estate and the "Vienskiy Square Metre» currency. 
The client had to increase the number of the call center staff, as the number of phone calls increased by 125%. 

The competitors also started offer square meters as the ‘most stable currency’ and profitable investment in times of crisis.

We gained 1.4 million reach, with cost per contact only 1.5 tenge ($0,004).

And the main result - a month later, 80% of the Vienskiy Kvartal commercial real estate was sold.