Карта с ограниченными возможностями / Map with Disabilities



Рабочая группа

Yevgeniy Kostylev, Executive Creative Director
Kupreichuk Ilona, Designer
Aleksey Glukhov, SMM project manager


Small and medium-sized businesses (shops, beauty salons, restaurants, cinemas, etc.) are often poorly equipped to meet the needs of disabled people: there are no ramps, special paths, and help buttons. Business owners don't see this as a problem.

To draw the attention of small and medium-sized business owners to the problem of bad accessibility of their facilities for people with disabilities.

Ideа: If a business does not see the problem of access for people with disabilities, this business also can't be seen by users on the city map.

We added a special button to the menu of Yandex maps: "Mark the object as unavailable for people with disabilities". This allows each user to mark on the map the facilities which do not care about people with disabilities. If there are several marks from different users on one object - the object isn't seen on the map anymore: these objects 'disappear' from the city map. Their buildings become dark, adress, contacts and name of the business are also disappear. When the user taps on a black object he sees a pop-up window with text 'This place owner doesn't see the problem of bad access for people with disabilities. So, you don't see this place as well'.

There is no business owner who wants his business to disappear from the internet city map. As soon as the object disappear from the map, this will encourage business owners to start taking care of people with disabilities: build ramps, create convenient check-in conditions, and install help buttons.