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Russian medical laboratory Gemotest

Рабочая группа

Garifulina Anna-traffic manager
Аshimova Сholpon- digital marketer
Vertikova Elena-digital marketer
Abdieva Altynai- graphic / motion designer
Avdeeva Аnastasiya-SMM-manager, traffic manager
Аlimbaev Nurmuhammed-copywriter, SMM-specialist
Каsenov Timur-3D/motion designer
Daniyarov Jantay- SEО/traffic manager
Каryp kyzy Karlygach- copywriter, translator


Client: Gemotest - medical laboratory.
Period of work: from 04/01/2019 to current time
The main task is to enter a new market, attract new customers.
Problems and portrait of the client
Gemotest is a Russian medical company with the world's leading technologies in laboratory diagnostics for patients. The first laboratory was opened in Kyrgyzstan in 2018. In 2019, the company launched a large-scale marketing campaign to expand the laboratory network across the country. The main task that we faced was to enter a new market and reach the target audience. Here is where our story begins.
2019. Beginning of work
Cooperation with the medical laboratory began in April 2019. At the same time, the first media plan (MP) was prepared, in which we offered a promotion on two sites - Google Ads and Yandex.Direct. We have offered contextual and banner advertising (KMS, YAN) from the actual formats.
For more than five months, we discussed directions for launching an advertising campaign (AC), discussed the most appropriate design and product presentation for the local market. In parallel, the site was being developed.

The first launch took place in October. It was decided to start with the promotion in Google Ads with the banner ad format:
Target audience (TA) - M / W 25-60 years old.
The main target was for categories: beauty and health.
The term is 30 days.
Geographic target: Bishkek, Osh.
The budget - $125
In the design of the banners, we used a general message that could attract the attention of the target audience. The main points were the good pricing policy and the distinctive features of laboratories that have already been on the market for a long time.
In November, work on the site continued, but we decided to prepare the semantic core in advance to launch contextual advertising. We identified the main areas of analysis. Then we collected a separate ad group for each of them. In addition to attracting customers, the purpose of contextual advertising was to identify the most relevant services in which residents are interested.
From November to the end of December 2019, we continued to run banner ads on Google Ads.
2020. Promotional services and work under lockdown conditions
In February, we started launching targeted advertising on Facebook Ads for promotional services.
The interest in the shares was great, and we decided to launch similar advertising in Google Ads and Yandex. Direct. In March, these campaigns were launched as a test for the minimum budget.We also started a contextual advertising test for general services.
From April to June, we were forced to stop the work of AC due to the city lockdown

In July, we resumed advertising campaigns with a proposal that was relevant at that time - a test for Covid-19. Our main task was to promote this service along with the promotion of general services.
We launched:
Contextual and banner advertising in Google Ads.
Banner advertising in Yandex.Direct.
Targeted advertising on Facebook Ads.

In August-September, these products remained the most relevant for promotion:
Google Ads.
Facebook Ads.
Based on analyzing the indicators in the previous months, we decided to abandon general banner ads (due to the high rejection rate) in favor of Covid-19 in YAN in October.
In Facebook Ads, it was decided to suspend Facebook ads, and move the main focus to Instagram.Running campaigns in Google Ads remain unchanged.
In November, Ads Manager remained the same, but we had a new goal - to attract users to pages on social networks.
On Facebook Ads, our main goal has changed from traffic to engagement:
The main message was advertising the general services that the laboratory provides.

В Яндекс.Директ так и оставалась реклама только Covid-19.
in Yandex.Direct, only Covid-19 advertising remained.

В Google Ads мы продолжали рекламировать те же продукты.
In Google Ads, we continued to advertise the same products.

In December, a new product launch was announced. We incorporated it into our overall promotion strategy. Also, we tested the relevance of ads in two languages (Kyrgyz and Russian):
Google Ads
In Facebook Ads, we also continued to advertise for engagement and add a new product to traffic.
2021. Search for new solutions:
In January, we continued to advertise the same products that were relevant last month. But we also started more detailed work on banners, trying various designs to identify the most relevant ones for further promotion.
New design and banner data:
Google Ads.
We decided to bring back the main products in targeted advertising on Facebook Ads.
In February, we end our promotion for a product that we launched in December, and we continue to advertise standard services by testing various options for banners and ads:

Google Ads.
Facebook Ads.
In March, we added two new products for which we launched contextual, banner, and targeted advertising:
Google Ads.

In targeted advertising (Facebook Ads), we continue to promote the main products. And after the opening of additional laboratories throughout the country, we decided to make an individual geographic targeting at the addresses of specific laboratories.
Throughout the entire advertising promotion, we checked all advertising campaigns daily and negotiated with the head of the marketing department.

In contextual advertising, we carried out continuous work on searching queries and improving the appearance of advertisements based on users needs

In banner advertising, we tried to find the most relevant design for user interest and convince people to use the service. Targets (interests, topics, audiences, age, gender, geography, sites) were changed for the most effective advertising display.

Targeted advertising helped us use a more precise setting to work with the target audience that was relevant to us at that moment, attracting users to pages on social networks.

During its work, the network of laboratories "Gemotest" has deployed its branches in the following areas:

In total, 55 laboratories were opened.

The first designated goal - entering a new market - was achieved by us. The second goal - attracting new customers - has not lost its relevance, and we continue to work on it up to the present moment.
detailed information:
project presentation:

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