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KIWI MEDIA creative group


The goal of this social advertising is to raise the topic of popularizing a new way of distributing “light” drugs named “bookmarks” (hidden drugs stash). A new trend appeared in Almaty and other cities of our region, which helps young people make order online (via Skype, Telegram, Darknet). It's all about smoking substances, "salts" and other non-injection drugs. Young people receive a quest location after ordering, named like “bookmark” or russian "zakladka". Using this kind of distribution it's hard to identificate the buyer and the seller too.

Solution: Talk to people, especially young, that using even “light” synthetic drugs KILL. This "bookmarks" it's not a way, and not a solution. We try to warn never follow a dangerous fashion. The substances sold by the bookmarking method are relatively recently synthesized, and all the possible consequences are not fully clear. The keynote of our idea is: every bookmark should be the last one! Drugs, including even "light" sorts, may be a reason of inevitable death.