Take your seat. Enjoy the view.


Air Astana

Рабочая группа

Creative director: Anastassiya Palko
Art director: Dauren Serikbayev


Brief: Promotion of new destinations of Air Astana. Move away from the usual stock views of the city. The problem is that people don't see the product when it shows only directions.

Solution: Each journey begins on board, where seats are reserved for you. The anticipation of new places begins in your head while you enjoy the comfort and flight. There are plans to develop this idea by adding economy class seats, as well as triple seats on the other sides. We also showcase the target audience for each direction, adding characteristic details to the imagery and environment.

Result: If before the passengers on the network did not have the idea to share simply beautiful views of cities, now this situation has changed. People repost, signing “Wow may I go this way )?”, “My deck chair for the trip”, “what's on the teleport”, “my future dinner with a view”.

Thanks to the idea, the content is distributed naturally among the audience, and, plus, there is a demonstration of not only the direction but also the product. People understand in which seat they can make their trip because we use the seats we took from the available boards. This advantageously separated the destination ads from competitors, who still use stock images to showcase the route network.