Chortoq Uzbekistan

Рабочая группа

Creative: Daniyar Abdullaev, Dimitry Sirenev, Nazar Sobirov
Clients service director: Sevara Sabirova
Art-direction: Nazar Sobirov
Design: Nazar Sobirov, Dimitry Sirenev, Gregory Konovalov, Rustam Kalibaev
Video & Animation: Basitxan Tashmuxamedov, Armen Sokolov
3D-animation: Javokhir Rajabov, Nazar Sobirov


Situation: Uzbekistan is a country with centuries-old history and unique cultural heritage. It includes 13 regions with their own culture, architectural monuments, authentic identity, local poets and philosophers. In recent years, our country has become one of the most favorite touristic destinations in Central Asia. Due to pandemic, popularity of domestic tourism is rising and being actively supported by the government.

Idea: This year, Uzbekistan celebrates the 30th anniversary of Independence. In the honor of this event, local manufacturer of mineral water Chortoq, has developed a limited edition packaging and promotional merchandise, glorifying authentic identity and cultural wealth of each region.
The launch of limited edition packaging has created a massive discussion on social networks, resulted in thousands of reposts and gained support of local influencers and opinion leaders. To support rising popularity of limited edition packaging, Chortoq has launched a contest in its Telegram Bot, where contestants could answer historical and cultural questions about their region and win promotional merchandise.

Result: Chortoq gained over 2 000 000 Organic Social Media Reach, almost 400 000 people participated in the contest and sales increased by 20% compared to the previous month. Putting numers aside, we do believe that Chortoq limited edition packaging has raised awareness of younger generation about identity our country, its history and cultural wealth.