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Testo by Zamira&Co

Рабочая группа

Zamira Rakhmanova, copywriter


Being a catering worker in Uzbekistan is not only interesting, but also very extreme! Over the past 2 years, the catering sector in Uzbekistan has experienced a lot of stress:

- quarantine and time limits
- demolition of advertising media and signs
- illegal demolitions of terraces

The owners of cafes and restaurants had to stock up on validol, patience and .... a sense of humor, because collective letters to the authorities and complaints on social networks no longer helped small businesses survive in the market.

“Testo” with a lot of patience decides to launch a new menu for which you could order:

Noodles - "supporting" for small and medium-sized businesses like noodles on the ears.

Bread - decisions made by the government. In Russian lexicon {bred} - means bullshit.

Khinkali - a lot of patience. In Uzbekistan this sign is used to say be patient and shut up rudely.

Raw dumplings - planning. Uzbeks call a poorly planned business raw dumplings.

Unlimited water - promises in unlimited quantities. Uzbeks use the word water as bla-bla-bla.

The updated menu received support from bloggers, the media and caring people.

With no additional advertising budgets, the publication of “Testo” is gaining reach of more than 900,000 views. And sales not only did not fall, but increased by 24 %.