Mother's Day in Kazakhstan



Рабочая группа

Director: Kuanysh Ospanbekov
Producer: Aidan Ospanbekova
DP/Post-production Sanzhar Beken, Olzhas Abishev, Rakhimkulov Rufat
Photographer: Nikita Bassov
Project manager: Yevgeniya Mukasheva


Social project "Mother's Day 2021" is timed to celebrate Mother's Day in Kazakhstan.

Different holidays are very brightly celebrated in our country! Colorful, massively and on a grand scale! But, unfortunately, there is one established date, unfairly missed and poorly publicized in society!

It's Mother's Day! Our team took on the mission to make this holiday especially warm and honorable, because Mother is sacred for everyone! And it is our Mommies who certainly deserve a separate day of the year!

The campaign was carried out with the participation of media persons of our country. We conducted a series of interviews about Moms, where each of them shared touching memories from their childhood.

These videos were posted by 22 influencers on their pages in social networks, with a call for action: just call mom, ask how she is doing, hug and say how you love her.

The result was amazing! Millions of coverage! Hundreds of thousands of likes, comments and reposts! And the number of photos and videos with mothers using the project hashtag is growing to this day!

The 2021 project was 100% successful! And now we are preparing some new ideas for Mother's Day 2022!