Рабочая группа

Strategy: Daniyar Abdullaev
Clients service director: Sevara Sabirova
Art-direction: Nazar Sobirov
Design: Nazar Sobirov, Dimitry Sirenev, Gregory Konovalov, Rustam Kalibaev
Video & Animation: Dior Matchanov, Armen Sokolov
3D visualisation: Javokhir Rajabov


Situation: Delmark is a manufacturer of premium quality sausages from Uzbekistan. The company specialises on production of rare sausage varieties and meat delicacies, original recipes of which first appeared several decades ago. Technologists of Delmark recreated those recipes using new production technologies. Main guidance followed by Delmark during production process is simple - «it is impossible to recreate original taste, using unoriginal ingredients». This way, spices and natural additves used to produce smoked sausage are imported from countries where the first original recipe was developed. For instance, handcrafted sausage casing made of spices used to produce Austrian sausage is delivered to Uzbekistan from a little Austrian village. Wood-fired sausage types are actually cooked using real sawdust, not liquid smoke.

Problem: The old packaging of Delmark sausages had a cheap look, did not communicate the authenticity of recipes and lacked connection with the product itself. As a consequence, product was perceived as just another sausage for a higher price, resulting in lower sales and dropping presence in local key-accounts and trade.

Idea: Having worked with Delmark technologists, we have developed a new design-system, built on main value of the product - authentic recipe, originated in different cities of the world decades ago. Namings of product positions were rethinked so consumers can easily connect them with the origin counties. The back side of the packaging now includes a short history of how and when a certain type of sausage appeared, communicating a true value of the brand to its audience. In total, 40 product positions were repackaged, renamed and rethinked from scratch.

Result: Only 8 months later after launch of new packaging, Delmark has been able to widen its distribution channels in trade, enhanced presence in key-accounts and increased sales by astonishing 220%.