Independences day of Uzbekistan



Рабочая группа

Shadsway team


Amirbek Shadmanov, a young blogger with 1.1 million subscribers, decided to congratulate his subscribers on the Independence Day of Uzbekistan.

We decided to move away from the traditional Tashkent and show it in a different way, to show that Tashkent is a modern and fast-growing city and to dispel stereotypes.

11 iconic landmarks of Tashkent were selected:
-Magic city
- Dam (charvak)
- Tashkent City
-Congress hall
- The Sun institute
- Subway
- Bunyodkor stadium
- Humo Arena
- Airport

The difficulty of the work was the correct choice of the shooting time (Sunset /Sunrise) ,some shooting was carried out in the countryside,we made a special construction that moves around the main character 360 degrees and in each location we assembled the construction .


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