AYALA. Power of care


AYALA Charity Fund

Рабочая группа

Natalya Yeskova

(creative concept, logo, corporate identity, pattern, slogan)
Dmitry Shchegolikhin - general producer, film editor
Timur Shaitkaliyev - creative director
Iliya Akhmejanova - project manager
Artyom Podkovyrov - producer
Nikita Tyulyupov - logo and pattern design
Den Forstmann - corporate identity



Over its 15-year history, AYALA Charity Fund has helped to save more than 100 thousand children’s lives.
“Ayala” means “care” and “cherish” in Kazakh.

To increase revenues and save more lives in the long term the Fund decided to renew its identity having researched its target audience. It turned out that 20-45-year-old men constitute a majority among those who donate funds, while women try to help non-financially (with clothing, products, etc.). Therefore the new identity and accompanying information campaign were mostly directed at men.

We decided to use the combination of care and brand character – the Fund’s, its employees’ and partners’ relentless devotion to fighting for infant lives, showing a great willpower and true combative spirit.

The Fund’s operating revenues in 2020 have increased by 250% as compared to 2019.