FooortePay: the longest bank advertisement in the world



Рабочая группа

Client: ForteBank
Marketing Director: Anton Kim
Senior Marketing Direction Expert: Nurzhan Makhmudov

Agency: RA Kombinat
Creative Director: Nikita Yermolayev
Copywriter: Rassul Abidov
Producer: Yelena Dmitriyeva
Art Director: Diana Korchevskaya

Cameraman: Ruslan Chernykh (Cheapass Video)
Editing: Ruslan Chernykh (Cheapass Video), Viktor Brodyagin, Arthur Jandildin and Yevgeniy Pichugin ( production)



Among a variety of products, ForteBank offers FortePay, an easy-to-use tool enabling customers to transfer money to a holder of a particular telephone number. To transfer money, one doesn’t need to know the recipient’s bank card details, nor does one have to be a customer of the Bank. All is needed is to download the ForteBank app.
However, for the first three months the amount of transfers through the app was not steady, with the figure growing by 5.9% in the second month and shrinking by 25.5% in the third month. The Agency was expected to draw attention to the new money transfer system through virus communication to reach out to at least 1 000 000 million, relying on a budget of Euro 10 000; the aim was to highlight how easy the app is to use, encouraging more money transfers through FortePay.


In Kazakhstan not all the population relies on bank cards: 37% of Kazakhstanis withdraw the whole amount once they get paid. Many people still carry money to other cities in cash.

The strategy was to shoot a stimulus ad that would show how boring it is to carry money in cash, given that money could be easily transferred if one knows at least the recipient’s phone number, with the transfers made even easier with FortePay in place.

The ad was been uploaded on YouTube to be further picked up by the media and entertainment platforms popular across Kazakhstan. Watching the 9-hour-long ad to the end enabled to feel the unreasonableness of carrying money in cash.

We felt nobody was going to watch such a long ad, therefore we “hid” a sizeable amount of money in the ad, the “key” to the money could only be obtained through seeing it out.


In the cutting process we “hid” numbers throughout the ad, with the numbers eventually making up a phone number to be used to claim the hidden “treasure”. When uploading the ad, ForteBank informed the prospect viewers that 1 000 000 tenge was “hidden” in the video, which was equivalent to Euro 2 300 (the average salary in 2019 stands at Euro 400). The first viewer to locate all the hidden numbers and send an sms to the resulting phone number was to get the designated “treasure”. To locate all the numbers was only possible
through seeing the ad out. Then we shared the video with Kazakhstan-based media, popular public pages on social networks and particular bloggers. Besides, we offered Sam Jones, a popular Youtuber, to make a review of the ad.


The video got 1 000 000 views.
Project reach: 5 000 000.

30 media outlets covered the ad, with the brand explicitly mentioned in the materials. Notably, 2 TV channels included the story into their nightly news. All of this at no cost for the Agency.
The number of money transfers through the ForteBank app via FortePay facility grew by 20% month-on-month.
The number of new users: +40 000, The amount of transfers boosted up to 22 332 956 $