Radio spots you cannot control

Radio spots you cannot control



Рабочая группа

Managing Director: Yuliya Tushina
Executive Creative Director: Yevgeniy Kostylev
Creative Group Head: Sergii Kolos
Head of Art: Anton Ussenov
Art Director: Rodion Bashmakov
Copywriter: Rafael Imamniyazov
Junior Copywriter: Betty Co
Senior Designer: Saiynkhan Shaimardanov
Junior Designer: Zhuldyzay Zhubau
Motion Designer: Alexandr Filatov
Client Service Director: Anna Kostyleva
Account Director: Anastasiya Ivanova
Account manager: Alexandra Kuliayeva


promote new 'Do it yourself' mobile plan from Beeline - now you can control Gigs and minutes.

Kazakhstanis couldn’t control the tariffs of their mobile operators, who decided for them how many calls and gigabytes will be in a tariff.
There are many things in a world, you can’t control: weather, currency rates, real estate prices, horses on the road, the mood of the wife, and clients' comments. You can't control Snoring, Yawning and Stomach Rumbling.

Let's face the truth – you control nothing but your mobile tariff from Beeline.

Solution for Radio:
We have chosen 3 periods of time for media placement and created 3 special radio spots with a relevant situation: morning - yawning you cannot control, daytime - stomach growling you cannot control, evening - snoring you cannot control.