Рабочая группа

Producers: Aziza Pulatova, Odil Mukhamedov
Text: Yura Park
Screenwriters: Yuriy Park, Jasur Khudayberdiyev, Abdu Malikov, Aziza Pulatova, Odil Mukhamedov, Anastasia Galimova
Director: Timur Amanshikov
Soundtrack: Josef Tumari, Ilya Kanchurin, Yura Park, Abdu Malikov
Cameramen: Timur Amanshikov, Andrey Morozov, Nozima Azizova
Pre-production: Ravshan Babadjanov, Angelina Sharipova, Anastasia Galimova, Kamila Rustambekova, Yura Park, Andrey Morozov, Abdu Malikov, Guzaliya Mukhamedjanova, Shakhzoda Khodjaeva, Valerie Kim, Mariya Khudayberdieva, Rakhim Kalibaev.
Editor: Timur Amanshikov
Color correction: Aziza Pulatova


Problem and task
The creative independent environment of Tashkent did not previously have a form, community, and also a platform on which it could express itself and create. And the audience of the city needed events, art festivals — honest, open, created and interesting for people. So it was until the creative community MOC and its subsequent festival MOC Fest appeared, uniting both creators across the country and creating conditions for cultural leisure for ordinary residents of the city. MOC and MOC Fest brought together progressive creators and visitors, non-conformists who are open to new forms, ideas and thoughts and strive for self-expression through various media — from paintings, music and installations to poetry and other formats of public speaking. Before the launch of the festival, it was necessary to declare the MOC itself and its ideology.

In order to help viewers get into the spirit of the MOC community, it was decided to create a video manifest. "There is freedom, there is freedom, there is freedom, there is freedom, there is freedom, there is freedom, ..." is the main leitmotif of the MOC and its manifest, which was displayed in this video. The video manifesto reveals the diversity of types living in Uzbekistan in order to expand the boundaries of the perception of representatives of the creative contingent, as not only adhering to traditional values, but, first of all, looking for ways to communicate their personality through cosmopolitan structures and values.

The video was launched on the Instagram pages of MOC and MOC Fest, gained more than 34,000 views, had 84,000 coverage, and was reposted almost by 1,000 users, among which were popular local artists, influencers, bloggers in an organic way. As a result, the video, becoming the first step in the general statement of MOC, was able to sell more than 4,000 tickets to the festival and gain local fame as the first festival about creativity and freedom. The video also attracted sponsors, thanks to which it was possible to recoup the major costs of the festival.