Seven Luxury

Рабочая группа

Art direction:
Jamshid Kholikulov

Khudoyor Norchaev
Ibrokhim Tokhirov

Bahodir A'zamov

UI/UX design:
Jamshid Kholikulov


Seven Luxury Car Rental is based in Dubai, UAE. The company has specialized in luxury car rental since 2015. The company's mission is to rent out luxury cars to tourists.

Seven Luxury was known as Comfort before the rebranding. The company had a number of problems prior to this:
- The logo looked very cheap, without stylistics and corporate colors, and there was no corporate identity;
- The company was not distinguished by popularity and activity;
- The company worked offline, through receiving calls;
- There was no website where one could view the entire catalog of cars and rented cars online.

We were asked to rebrand and develop a website that automates the work.
We found an elegant solution: we developed a simple but perfect UX design by fully studying the wishes, objections and interests of the company's customers. The site turned out to be clear and easy to use, including a modern one. A separate aspect of the project is the launch of a search engine, which is very important, because, it saves time.

After the rebranding and development of the site, the number of customers has changed significantly. The rating has become more highly qualified and more requested in the CIS countries.
The company is gaining momentum throughout Europe. The audience grew by 83%, the number of cars after the rebranding is 50 cars, the average request for cars per day is 24 cars, the annual turnover increased by 68 percent. Seven Luxury is gaining fast popularity.