Hashtag Challenge #AsuYourSummerTime


ТОО RG Brands Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Володина Екатерина - Brand Director A’SU Family
Ивашова Екатерина – Sr. Brand Manager
Сомова Юлия – PR/ Event Manager
Харламова Александра – PR /SMM Specialist
Тарлан Усейнов - TikTok Client Partner Lead Httpool Kazakhstan
Алия Тохтасынова - TikTok Client Solutions Manager Httpool Kazakhstan


-Marketing Objective& Communication task:
RG brands is a leading FMCG (beverages) company. They wanted to introduce their new ASU water lineup through unique experience that would resonate with their audiences and communicate the product’s selling points in a fun and engaging way rather than doing another standard commercial.
-Creative Idea & Custom Solutions:
Using one of TikTok’s most popular branded solutions for driving mass awareness and engagement, ASU partnered with micro TikTok creators.
The campaign, named #AsuТвойЛетнийТайм, encouraged users to stay hydrated with different flavors of ASU and have fun during the most heated months of the year. Creators invited them to join in on the dance.
To promote the project to the TikTok community on a larger scale, RG Brands used a premium ad format, TopView, and In-Feed Ads, providing maximum exposure in a minimum amount of time.
Best and the most creative participants could get a chance to win huge prizes, including mobile phones. 
-Achievements & Results:
These mechanics revealed TikTok community talents: as a result, campaign gained buzz, creative UGC's and rich engagement in a short period of time. Users participated actively to dance to the dynamic music track.
The additional In-Feed Ads showed the high ER & CTR as well, served an inspiration for high-quality UGC and proving that the concept piqued the curiosity of the TikTok community.
Total video views - 450.9M
Video Creators - 134k
Video created - 341k

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