Viciunai Group

Рабочая группа

Andrei Gubaidullin, chief creative officer
Anton Rozhin, creative director
Ilya Starikov, creator
Stepan Troshin, creator
Dmitry Donik, head of strategy
Dmitry Maslakov, digital creative director
Vasily Tsykin, tech lead
Marat Dzhantuganov, designer


VIČI is a European producer of crab sticks and surimi products. The company was looking for ways to improve its brand characteristics, including awareness and consumption.

The main goal was increasing crab sticks consumption rates. It was noted that people buy crab sticks mostly to cook a traditional salad (with corn, boiled eggs, rice and other ingredients). There isn’t a variety of popular recipes containing crab sticks.

VIČI needed to show people the variants of including crab sticks into their daily menu, thus making them buy the product more often.

A quantitative research was conducted to learn more about Kazakhstani consumption patterns and their perception of the brand. Crab sticks are perceived as a very traditional ingredient with a limited set of implementations. However, it was insightful to find out that the majority of the country’s population is actually willing to experiment with crab sticks to enrich their everyday cooking routine.

Since the start of the brand, VIČI has proved to be an innovator of the surimi products market. The company has been producing crab sticks of high quality that actually contain crab meat. VIČI is quite original and bold in their marketing & promotion activity as well. This brand characteristic has inspired the creative idea “Crab Fusion” that places VIČI crab sticks higher than just a classic salad ingredient.

VIČI is capable of setting their own trends of crab sticks consumption. VIČI is the new fashion. It’s inventive, it’s chic, it’s trailblazing.

The ad spots are produced in the stylistics of fashion advertising. They are a component of an integrated ad campaign launched via 4 communication channels: TV, OOH, OLV, digital.

Sales at Kazakhstan’s highly competitive market grew by 18%