Polikаrpov law firm

Рабочая группа

Igor Golushko - Сreative director.
Renat Poposhev - Art director.
Elena Nikulushkina - Senior designer.
Darya Priezzheva - Copywriter.
Danylo Maslov - CEO.
Iuliia Iugai - CSD.


Develop an identity to the intellectual property law firm of famous Ukrainian lawyer Anton Polikarpov.

We found the fundamental law, which lies at the heart of intellectual property - The Berne Convention, 9 September 1886: “Copyright arises at the moment of work creation; there are no formal requirements to be met.”

“The Moment of work creation.” A second when the author's pencil first touches the paper.

Exactly this moment we have turned to the symbol of intellectual property.
And the shape that represents it has become the brand logo. The BEAM.