Sxodim Fest


"Давай Сходим!"

Рабочая группа

Lincoln Company Project Team
Project Leader - Yulia Rakhmetova
Creative Director - Sergey Sek
Head of PR - Irina Buchnaya
Project Managers - Yulianna Kim, Adlet Smykov-Moldagaliev, Alina Zhumabekova, Nargiz Zhakparova, Zhaniya Baitore, Danial Amantay

Art Director - Vladimir Lukashov, IGRAPHIC design buro
Design - Adil Kadyrbergen, Sanira Baitasova, Kristina Lazareva
Directed by Andrey Khvan
Stage + light - Ilyas Teltaev, UPSTAGE

«Давай сходим!» - Alisher Toyguliev, Bakdaulet Issaev, Bakdaulet Bekzhanov and Nursultan Kipshakbaev


Sxodim Fest - youth music festival of «Давай сходим!» media group, which was held in Almaty on June 25, 2022.

1. Create a big informational case to represent «Давай сходим!» as a large media group for the 10th anniversary of the company, to strengthen the brand of the group among the audience;
2. Create a bright concept for the annual youth out-of-town festival;
3. Upgrade «Давай сходим!» ticket service;
4. Gather a high-quality line-up of artists, spread the love for good local music;
5. Sell 3000+ tickets;
6. Attract more than 30 partners, implement interesting integrations with high audience engagement;
7. Provide safety at the Festival, comfortable logistics and participation conditions;
8. Bring a cool experience for guests and create an event case, provide the basis for the annual festival;
9. Organize a platform for great leisure time with friends, a lifetime experience for guests.

1. We organized one of the best music festivals in 2022 in Almaty for 3500+ people - clear timing, the scale of the stage + sound, thoughtful logistics, safety, food, entertainment.

2. Reached more than 2M people, created a PR-project about festival culture and a special project with TikTok, strengthened the «Давай сходим!» brand among the target audience and potential investors, received 100+ positive reviews.

3. Organized the largest PR campaign among music festivals in Kazakhstan: 89 articles in «Давай сходим!» publics with ~1.5M coverage, provided the ad campaign of the @sxodim.fest account and received coverage of 437,000+ publications, made about 40 announcements with artists, worked with 4 brand ambassadors, distributed more than 20 blogger boxes and 20+ shoppers, launched a target ad for 4.8M people and received 73,000+ unique visitors to the event website

4. Attracted 40+ partners including Tiger Beer, inDriver, IQOS, Red Bull, Avene, Aviasales, Eleven. Supported 4 social projects.

5. The first festival with a go-green agenda: separate waste collection, cheap shared transfer to the venue, water in reusable bottles, discount on drinks with your own glass, drinking fountains.

6. Laid the groundwork for the annual event in Almaty and Astana, received requests from potential sponsors immediately after the event for 2023.

PS Please note that there are English subtitles in YouTube video - Sxodim Fest Documentary

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