Stop motion school

Рабочая группа

Author: Anastassiya Palko


BRIEF: To attract students to Stop motion animation school on the phone.

IDEA: To show the unique style of the school from the best works captured on the phone.

The school's portfolio consists of portraits created with cereals, rice, seaweed, bits of cloth, pasta, nuts and bolts.
Each portrait takes from 40 to 50 hours of handmade work. Shooting takes 12 hours and consists of 1200 shots so that the movement is smooth and imperceptible.

From beginning to end, the video is created only with the help of a phone, and therefore it is available to everyone for studying without high costs for equipment and materials. This allows to create high efficient unique content.

RESULT: The video did not require additional promotion, because become viral. Thanks to recognizable portraits of famous heroes, the video was supported by movie fans, artists, creators, fan clubs and publics.

The videos have received over 3 million views in total. The school attracted more than 20,000 students online and 500 people offline. More than 5,000 people applied to the school with orders to develop portraits.

For a small start-up school, this was a big win and exceeded expectations at virtually zero content development costs.