Air Astana

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Anastassiya Palko
DOP/edit: Maxim Malov
Project Manager: Dinara Aleyeva, Almas Rakhimov
Gaffer: Ilya Miller
CG: Ruslan Mukhambetov
Sound design: Arsen Oganesov


BRIEF: Presentation of the new Airbus Neo Long Range aircraft.

IDEA: To show the economy class of the Airbus Neo Long Range aircraft and the onboard entertainment program, we decided to shoot a video in one shot, showing the full range of emotions of passengers on board of different ages. These are melodramas and sports broadcasts and music and show programs.

It wasn't an easy decision given the narrow-aisle aircraft and limited space, but it did manage to recreate the 360` ​​atmosphere on board, showing the seats, distances, lighting, product, and onboard screens, and the passengers themselves.

RESULT: We became the first airline in the world to shoot a one-shot video onboard. The video has gained more than 10,000,000 views, hitting news broadcasts, public groups, and the aviation fan community.

The news about the replenishment of the aircraft fleet instantly spread around the audience and attracted new passengers on board. The LR aircraft flies to Dubai, Frankfurt, Male, and other major hubs and is completely sold out.