Рабочая группа

Антон Блышко, Ерлан Досанов, Ольга Шашкова и команда роста/ Anton Blyshko, Erlan Dosanov, Olga Shahskova and growth team.


-The purpose and objectives of the brand within the campaign:
At the end of March, we faced new realities and the impossibility of launching the company in Russia. It was decided to enter new market, including the launch of advertising in Kazakhstan.
-The idea of the campaign and key message: listen to music without the Internet, aimed at users with poor mobile Internet or those who have a monthly traffic limit.
-Audience: young active audience 18-35, men and women.
-KPIs and results: Thanks to properly selected creatives and target audience, the following indicators were achieved: a reduction in the cost of taking a paid subscription by 15% in terms of traffic to Kazakhstan, a reduction in the cost of unique listening by 10% of the planned KPI, as well as an increase in the share of TikTok traffic - 25% of the total volume of in-house purchases of the traffic attraction team.During the advertising campaign, one of the creatives was at the top of the advertisements in terms of interaction and reach.