Air Astana

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Anastassiya Palko
DOP/edit: Maxim Malov
Project Manager: Dinara Aleyeva, Almas Rakhimov
Gaffer: Ilya Miller
CG: Ruslan Mukhambetov
Sound design: Arsen Oganesov


BRIEF: Presentation of the appearance of the Airbus Neo Long Range.

IDEA: The idea of ​​the video is a secret conversation between a boy and an Airbus iron bird. It is told in a poem to which the plane wakes up and prepares to serve the passengers.

RESULT: We made a presentation of the exterior of the plane, showing all the details and appearance through the emotional story of the boy and the plane, their secret language only they understand. This story touched the target audience and garnered a lot of warm comments.

The video gained more than 4 million views and got into all the aviation publics of the world. The frame with the light bulbs on the strip became the most replicated for the entire advertising campaign.