Efes Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Client: Efes Kazakhstan
Brand Managers: Anna Sevastyanova, Alina Zhiyenbayeva
Agency team
Creative Director: Alena Che
Project Manager: Aziza Yesmaganbetova
Senior Copywriter: Aidana Shulembayeva
Copywriters: Zhaniya Imanbayeva, Aruzhan Kuztayeva
Art Director: Assiya Tulesheva
Designer: Ernat Mansharipov
Producer: Artur Kim
Operator, Editor: Ibrahim Srym
Moderator: Laura Syzdykova


Miller is the premium beer brand that positions itself as the beer for parties and night events. Miller globally collaborates with Boiler Room music platform to increase top-of-mind awareness that Miller = music and party culture.

In 2021 Miller decided to bring Boiler Room to Kazakhstan for the first time in Central Asia to increase awareness of young target audience.
The challenge was that the audience didn't know what Boiler Room was.

To increase the knowledge and promote Boiler Room we launched a special project. Insight into the DJ culture rise and development in Kazakhstan.
Special project included several steps:
1. Series of seven storytelling videos about DJ culture in Kazakhstan and it's pioneers (different genres and generations);
2. Special photoshoot with DJs - ambassadors for Miller Social Media content and influencer marketing;
3. Open DJ contest where the prize was - performance at Boiler Room. And the branded merchandise giveaway;
4. The tickets sweepstakes though official website;
5. Promotion through local Mass Media.

From August to September 2021 brand image and brand health tracking characteristics increased:
+ 1 PP Top Of Mind
+ 4 PP Awareness and loyalty
+ 4 PP Image characteristics is cool, fashionable brand
+ 2 PP Stands for something unique

Instagram statistics during campaign:
3.5 million - The Cumulative Reach of all posts
18 million Impressions in 2 months
22 000 Profile visits

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