Рабочая группа

Project Team:

Director - Adilet Abish
Producers - Bekzod Abduvaliev,
Ksenia Leonteva
Dop - Azamat Dulatov
Production Designer - Zhildyz Dulatova, Helga Geller
Location manager - Sabina Suleymanoglu, Muzaffar Yusupov
Casting - Valeria Popova
Editor - Daniyar Ospanov
CG - United Soft Co,
Bekzod Fayozov
VFX - Khodjiakbar Lutfullaev,
Aydos Kenzheev
SFX - Arsen Oganessov


Payment system Click held an online presentation of new products. A key product among them is the provision of increased cashback for the use of services, or as the brand calls it “Big Cashback”.
We took over the development and implementation of the entire event and videos on a turnkey project basis.

Different brands offer cashback, but it is always very unstable - you need to look for it, download separate applications, bots, or wait for loyalty cards from your favorite store or cafe.
Therefore, in the video, we decided to show that with Click application all these endless searches are finished and the cashback is now in one place.
For the implementation, a cameraman, director and artist from Kazakhstan were involved, all the details were worked out to convey the “cinematic” mood in the frame.

As a result we built a story in the spirit of American films, when there is a panic in the city because of something unknown is upcoming.
The video became part of a large-scale company presentation by online broadcast for the first time ever experience in Uzbekistan.