Рабочая группа


Creative agency - Lokals Central Asia
Director - Bekzod Abduvaliev
Executive producer - Lidia Egay
Dop - Azamat Dulatov
1AD - Valeria Popova
Production Designer - Helga Geller
Casting - Bahtier Raimzhonov, Asya Osipyants
Location manager - Johongir Raupov
Service Manager - Kamila Mevlyudova
Editor - Xojiakbar Lutfullakhodjayev, Aydos Kenzheev


Payme is a brand of payment system that needs to announce a new positioning “Life Solutions” with the help of a manifesto video.

It was important to show that every day Payme helps a person to solve his daily tasks, no matter how big or small they are. At the same time, he does not draw all the attention to itself, remaining just a tool.

In the video, we tried to convey the most real atmosphere of life in Uzbekistan.

Cameras and lenses that are not available in the country been brought in order to preserve the lamplight, color and naturalness of Uzbek life in the frame - without ideal, polished and advertising shots.

The video was the brand's first statement about the new positioning and part of a large advertising campaign "Life Solutions".