Рабочая группа

Activ, ROI Group & Anykey

Ulzhalgas Chymyrbayeva — Marketing Communication Manager
Alexandra Kan — Brand Communication Specialist

Daniyar Shamiyev — Director
Anna Timofeyeva — Сlient Service Director
Elmira Issa— Сlient Service Director
Yelena Andreyeva — Account Manager
Ilya Timofeyev — Creative director
Alyona Timofeyeva — Head of Art
Yermek Azhitayev — Art director
Alexey Lyubchikov — Art director
Ilya Timofeyev— Copywriter

Vladimir Petrov — Executive producer
Malik Zenger — Director
Maria Roschina — 1st AD
Nursultan Bazarbay — DoP
Dmitriy Kolodin — Art Department


OGO card — one of the newest financial instruments of Activ mobile operator. It allows to make easy payments through the mobile balance.

A perfect combination of the product itself and its naming ("OGO" in Russian = WOW! in English). This synergy perfectly reveals the audience's expected reaction to using the service: surprise. We decided to exaggerate the surprise by emphasizing the moment of payment, and adding here the well known "Korean heart" finger gesture, which is very much like an invisible card in your hand. the whole story was combined with the slogan "OGO Card - Love from the first payment!"