Рабочая группа

Activ, ROI Group & Anykey

Ulzhalgas Chymyrbayeva — Marketing Communication Manager
Sabina Meirmanova — Brand Communication Senior Specialist
Yekaterina Yem — Brand Communication Expert

Daniyar Shamiyev — Director
Anna Timofeyeva — Сlient Service Director
Elmira Issa— Сlient Service Director
Yelena Andreyeva — Account Manager
Ilya Timofeyev — Creative director
Alyona Timofeyeva — Head of Art
Sergey Starykh — Art director
Ilya Timofeyev— Copywriter

Vladimir Petrov — Executive producer
Innokentiy Vakhrin — Director
Maria Roschina — 1st AD
Madiyar Satybaldiyev— DoP
Dmitriy Kolodin — Art Department


Smartphone+tariff — a popular product of Activ mobile operator.
the product’s essence: each Activ user can buy a smartphone on installment or credit saving a lot on the tariff - because the tariff in this product is absolutely for free during the entire period of credit.

The product Smartphone+Tariff is such a profitable offer so obvious that any other way to get a new smartphone makes absolutely no sense.
We decided to play around with a few absurd attempts to get a new smartphone and invited famous Kazakh actor Askar Ilyasov to perform in three different characters, each of them revealed the idea "Smartphone+tariff is much beneficial!»