Pepsi Uzbekistan

Рабочая группа

Project Team:

Creative agency - Lokals Central Asia
Director - Ivan Proskuryakov
Producer - Bekzod Abduvaliev
1AD - Valeria Popova
Dop - Andrey Skripnik
Dop b-roll - Bogdan Frolov
1AD b-roll - Dania Zupnik
Production Designer - Temur Hasanhojaev
SFX — Akbar Yusupov
Casting / MUAH - Asya Osipyants
Location manager - Muzaffar Yusupov
Admin - Kamila Mevlyudova
Editors - Vahob Norbutaev, Xojiakbar Lutfullakhodjayev


Ramadan is one of the most important months of the year for the people of Uzbekistan. We had to shoot a congratulatory video for the Pepsi brand, which would congratulate Uzbeks in a close to them story.

Ramadan song well known to every Uzbek was chosen for the video. And we needed to fit the whole story into 30 seconds so as not to lose context and meaning.

Before filming, the director from Moscow specially walked through the bazaars and streets, met and talked with people in order to get into the mentality, to understand how they look, how they talk, why they buy not one national flatbread, but two.

A story close and understandable to every Uzbek, with recognizable shots of the area, with a song that every resident knows from childhood.