Adrenaline Rush

Рабочая группа

Bekzod Abduvaliev - Film director and cinematographer
Luiza Nazarkulova - Copywriter
Sarvar Tukhtaev - Screenwriter and second director


The company was launching the campaign of entering the market of Uzbekistan with the energy drink, new for the market. In order to develop the brand image and increase the positive rate of the audience towards the product, the company decided to use the famous boxing sportsman - Shakhram Giyasov as the brand person. The major idea of the TV commercials with the brand person was to develop the idea that this energy drink will allow the consumer to achieve any goal he/she wants to. Specially, for this campaign, the motto of “Allyoucan”, or “you can achieve whatever you want” was applied.

In order to keep the mage of the brand and develop it through the image of the sportsman, it was decided to represent the complicated life journey of the brand character and his final point - the main boxing match of his career.