Abstract Visuals

Рабочая группа

Project Team:

Director - Valery Sitdikova
Dop - Andrey Skripnik
Handycam - Emil Sitdikov
Dop Movi - Ilya Vdovenko
Art/Collage - Valery Sitdikova, Gunilla Tell
Sound Producer - Valeryanka
Color - Daniyar Mussin


A task:
We studied the video productions of the CIS countries and realized that almost no one has their own manifesto. At the same time, we wanted to express ourselves not only through backstages from the filming, but also through our position.
Even in the visual work on the manifesto, we decided to show our approach to the work itself - to do everything individually and with high quality. Therefore, all the drawing of frames was done manually, customized, without using ready-made transitions and mechanics

In the video, we talked about our goals, plans, our approach and position in life for both future employees and potential clients.