Рабочая группа

Project Team:

Creative agency - Lokals Central Asia
Director - Bekzod Abduvaliev
Dop - Bahodir Yuldashev
Location manager - Muzaffar Yusupov
Editor - Xojiakbar Lutfullakhodjayev


A task:
Texnomart is a chain of stores selling equipment with delivery over Uzbekistan. Our task was to show the whole of Uzbekistan and the fact that equipment can be delivered even to the most remote places as villages.

The main character of the video was a branded van, which traveled through 7 regions of Uzbekistan.

It was important for us to convey the natural rhythm of life, so there was no actors in the, and everything was filmed in real and natural conditions.

In 9 days, we traveled around 7 regions of the country and transmitted the path of the van from the store to the end customer, who lives at the farthest point.