Рабочая группа

Client Service: Alexandr Azarov
Art-direction: Andrey Safronov
Design: Andrey Safronov, Azizbek Rakhimov


Passport is a customer company organizing the relocation of professional golf and tennis players from Japan to the USA. Passport helps with adaptation in a new country and building a career in big-time sports after the relocation. We help with documents, arranging your own or partner’s training ground, and providing equipment.
For this customer we have established naming and identity.

"Pas" is a stylized word "path". It is the road to a great sport, a new life in the best conditions for growth. Passport literally accompanies you on this journey and gives you a ticket to a future full of victories and success.

In the logo, we have combined a few basic, obvious foundations and laid down a deeper message.
Basic elements: a tennis racket and a "tee" - a stand for a golf ball.
The deeper element is the symbol of the Greek lunar epsilon, meaning balance. It is a concept from game theory, which includes three components - players, strategy and reward. In the case of a sportsman, career success is his own reward.
As the main task, we presented two sportsmen and two different development strategies. The first is going your own way and spend an average of 7 years on career development, and the second is to reduce risks with the help of the company and achieve success in an average of 3 years.
They will achieve the same balance if both choose the second path - using the services of Passport, and receive their "reward" - a successful career.