Podium Italia x Skillaz


Podium Italia

Рабочая группа

Action Design - Skillaz
Director x DoP - Bogdan Frolov
DoP - Kamal Yusupov
Creative Director - Saidazim Fazilov
Editor - Khodjiakbar Lutfullakhodjayev
Executive produccer - Arevik Balayan
Styling: Nakhmedov Shakhruz, Enikeeva Ornella, Tubelbayeva Yulia, Ashrapova Lilya
Project supervisor: Sukhodolova Olesya
MUAH: Zakeri Yuliya, Gazaryan Eleonora


A task:
Podium Italia is one of the main fashion boutiques in Tashkent. And in the video it was important to show fashion style, premium products and brand, while doing something new and unusual.

Skillaz is a social media-popular team of young people who combine style, aesthetics and acrobatics in their videos.
Therefore, we decided to combine fashion and the freedom of flight in motion, in an advertisement for the brand's luxury collection.

An unusual video that shows the new collection in a new way.