Рабочая группа

Daniyar Shamiyev — Director
Anna Timofeyeva — Сlient Service Director
Yelena Andreyeva — Account Manager

Kim Dmitriy — Account Manager
Khegay Yekaterina — Project Manager
Erezhepov Dias — Production Manager

Ilya Timofeyev — Creative director
Alyona Timofeyeva — Head of Art
Nelly Orazbayeva — Art director
Marina Ilyashenko - Copywriter


Is it possible to surprise at a marathon with a three-minute run!!!
Absolutely! if those three minutes you find yourself at completely different marathons!

There are over 1,000 different marathon and triathlon-format races held each year in many countries around the world. There are distances of various levels of complexity on all continents of our planet, including both poles - the Antarctic Ice Marathon in Antarctica and the North Pole Marathon at the North Pole.

VISA International Payment System decided to provide a unique experience to all visitors of its brand zone - to find themselves in completely different climatic zones during a short run!
Thanks to the combination of VR technology and a combined climatic installation that allows intensifying the tactile sensation of being in completely different parts of the world. Each visitor could feel "on their own skin" what is it like to run through a desert, during a thunderstorm in the forest or in the middle of the Arctic wasteland.

100% of audience was astonished by the experience gained from virtual run.
28% returened for the second run;)

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