On Vacation?! GO — with MagnumGO!

On Vacation?! GO — with MagnumGO!



Рабочая группа

Magnum GO, ROI Group & Miller studio

Alexandra Aladova — Marketing Director
Zhanar Taubakulova — Brand Manager

Daniyar Shamiyev — Director
Anna Timofeyeva — Сlient Service Director
Elmira Issa— Сlient Service Director
Yelena Andreyeva — Account Manager
Ilya Timofeyev — Creative director
Alyona Timofeyeva — Head of Art
Sergey Starykh — Art Director
Alexey Lyubchikov — Art Director
Aruzhan Uxibayeva — Designer
Sayara Valieva — Copywriter

Directior – Nursultan Suylemenov
DOP – Ilya Miller
Producer – Anastasya Miller


Summer promo have become common for consumers and brands. How to make a summer promo stand out? Communicate to a consumer directly from the brand, product or even a banana!

The agency task was to create an idea to communicate MagnumGo summer promo in collaboration with Visa international payment system.

Based on consumer insight: need to buy products, but do not want to spend much time on it and taking into account recent covid restrictions, the Agency suggested an original solution and showed how any product from the client's order could visually become a «guide to vacation».

A series of commercials was created. Products "coming to life" praised the delights of sea vacationing like real travel agents.