Botakoz Optics

Рабочая группа

Creative direction: Aiza Ilyassova
Photography and Retouch: Gleb Terletskiy
Designer: Vladislava Kolesnik


Botakoz Optics is the optics with several sale points across Almaty and Nur-Sultan, which turns 18 years this year. It has an enormous variety of shades from low budget to heavy lux. And of course, a trusty list of loyal customers.

As any «old and experienced» business, they didn’t believe in the power of social media before the pandemic began.


● To increase nobility and attract new audience via creating unique content.
● To create some sort of showcase on the social media platform allowing to show the varied assortment .


We held a number of photoshoots with the involvement of models (both professional and not).

We try to change the style every 1-2 months depending on the collection, season, and informational occasion.

We “revived” the content by showing how glasses can be styled on the audience that we wanted to potentially attract – young, stylish and not afraid to experiment.

As a result, new customers and a bunch of prints to go on the store walls.

March 2021 - September 2022