Рабочая группа

Евгения Бекбулатова — директор по связям с общественностью
Юлия Ким — маркетинг директор
Наталья Зверева — менеджер по маркетинговой стратегии
Бурул Арыпбекова — специалист по маркетинговым коммуникациям
Мария Шабалина — BTL-менеджер

Daniyar Shamiyev — Director
Aisulu Kustayeva — Project Manager, author of the idea
Bekbolat Izim, Togzhan Muratova — Producers
Madi Zhagi, Erbolat Bedelhan — Directors
Maria Roschina — 1st AD
Nursultan Bazarbay — DoP
Dmitriy Kolodin — Art Department
Asia Nestay — Choreography


The problem
Mobile operators’ activity in Kazakhstan in social networks is mostly (99%) dedicated to products and services communication. The remaining 1% is filled with state holidays and some pathetic brand messages. Boring, right?! ) There is absolutely nothing to inspire, nothing to praise.
Thus, the number of negative, neutral and positive feedbacks from audience among all the Kazakhstani operators are almost identical: approximately 90% - negative and neutral and not more than 10% - positive...

Tele2 Kazakhstan decided to try to "break" the established "rules" and share truly inspiring content with its audiences, without any hints for a service or product inside.

Celebrating its 10-th anniversary in Kazakhstan, Tele2 collaborated with Zaq – rapper, ex-artist of NintyOne boys band, famous in Kazakhstan and beloved by the audience. The collaboration resulted in original music track and music video release.

The plot of the music video is filled with lots of ironic "Easter eggs" on various newsbreaks that have been grabbing audience’s attention for recent 10 years.
An original dance of the video became the basis for a TikTok- dance challenge.

Over 5,000,000 views on Youtube and TikTok.
More than 300 people participated in dance challenge in TikTok
ER: 207,100 thousand likes, about 4 thousand reviews, 93% of which are positive!

This case proves that high-quality content can changes the audience’s feedback making the positive and inspirational.

Tele2 - Your Rules!