1Fit — a united subscription for all kinds of sports

Рабочая группа

СМО: Anton Storozhenko
Head of content: Roma Pischik
Social Media: Ramiz Nabiyev
Video Production: Kamila Yerzhan/Daniyar Aldabergen
Web-developer: Yerlan Urazov
Graphic and Motion Design: Salamat Azhbayev, Raushan Akhmetova
PR: Kamila Kanatbayeva
Influencer and Media Integration: Zhanibek Tleubergen
Paid Acquisition: Adil Usenov
Direct-Marketing: Niyas Yessengarayev
Account Manager: Dariga Baigaliyeva


In May, some people give up sports. The idea of «preparing your summer body» do not work anymore. Many people leave for vacations or simply do not train due to the heat.

We came up with a motto «Don't give up halfway» and attached it to the most notorious example of an unfinished work – Astana LRT, the construction of which began in 2011 and still hasn’t finished due to corruption.

Then, another idea occurred – to hang 3 banner ads on the abandoned pillars of the LRT with the following title: «Don’t give up halfway» → «1Fit» → «A united subscription for all kinds of sports»

Making real banners was risky. So we captured the pillars from a drone and made the banners digitally using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

We posted the pictures on social medias, did some seedings on public pages and so it began. On that day, our phone was blown up with calls: local medias, bloggers, news pages, government officials. We were even contacted by the press-secretary of the Astana LRT and asked if we really hanged those banners on the pillars. She had to drive on a location to make sure that in fact there weren’t any banners at all.

A month later we launched a web-game called «LRT Game». The game’s mechanics were the same as a «Dinosaur Game» in Google Chrome. The user’s character was a mix between Mario and the 1Fit CEO Murat Alikhanov, that had to jump over the pillars of LRT.

The users were given the task to score at least 500 points, which gave them an opportunity to be a part of a price giveaway which included the Playstation 5 game console and 1Fit subscriptions.

3.6 million users were reached from blogs, public pages, media articles and social media accounts. Our post was shared 11 000 times. 23 000 people played the LRT Game and over 15 000 users scored more than 500 points. Everyone who played the game received a free week promocode. As a result, they took 2 000 gym sessions.