Close-knit Laundry


LG Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Creative Director — Nail Muratov
Creative Group Head — Sergey Alexanin
Art Director — Yerkebulan Kaliyev
Art Director/Designer — Renat Poposhev
Designer — Adel Makhat
Senior Copywriter — Dariya Orazbayeva
New Business Director — Artur Karabajak


LG rolled out a new technology in their washing machines — LG AIDD. It is Artificial Intelligence, which detects not only the weight, but also senses the softness of fabric, and chooses the optimal motions for the fabric by itself. With the help of AIDD people no longer need to sort out laundry and wash them separately.

To inform people about the new technology and to emphasize that it lifts up the headache of sorting laundry and choosing mode for each wash

We created a visual that illustrates the clash between different types of clothes — the reason why washing them becomes a headache for all of us. Now, with the help of AIDD, we can literally close our eyes on the quirky character of clothes, wash everything together and make them close-knit friends! Silk, denim, delicate —all at once.

To make this visual we assembled a metal frame individually for each item, made a joint composition in the form of a fighting scene and held a professional photoshoot.