1Fit — A subscription with no stereotypes • Video-case


1Fit — a united subscription for all kinds of sports

Рабочая группа

СМО: Anton Storozhenko
Head of content: Roma Pischik
Social media: Ramiz Nabiyev
Video Production: Kamila Yerzhan
Motion and Graphic Design: Salamat Azhbayev, Raushan Akhmetova
PR: Kamila Kanatbayeva
Influencer and Media Integration: Zhanibek Tleubergen
Paid-Acquisition: Adil Usenov
Direct-Marketing: Niyas Yessengarayev
Developer: Alibek Sayak
Account Manager: Dariga Baigaliyeva
Makeup Artist: Ekaterina Vnukova



There are many gender stereotypes across all kinds of sports. Men are too hesitant to do yoga or stretching. Women feel uncomfortable doing martial arts.

We decided to remind the people, that sport – is all about the free will and breaking stereotypes. Everybody can do anything that they are good at and do what they desire

We came up with couple of mottos that mock some popular stereotypical phrases like «A man must» and «A woman must»

For each phrase, 3 videos for men and 3 videos for women were made. They were made as a content for our social medias (TikTok, Instagram and YouTube) and as a part of our performance marketing strategy.


2.5 million users were reached in social medias. Nearly 2 million of them were a result of paid marketing reach, and another 500 000 were organic.

A reasonable continuation of the campaign was a collaboration with «Wonder Women» mentor program.

In September it is planned to launch a second wave of videos with a motto «1Fit – a subscription with no stereotypes»