Freestylo, Жумайсынба, Викрам Рузахунов • Video-case


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Рабочая группа

СМО: Anton Storozhenko
Head of content: Roma Pischik
Social media: Ramiz Nabiyev
Video Production: Kamila Yerzhan
Motion and Graphic Design: Salamat Azhbayev, Raushan Akhmetova
PR: Kamila Kanatbayeva
Influencer and Media Integration: Zhanibek Tleubergen
Paid-Acquisition: Adil Usenov
Direct-Marketing: Niyas Yessengarayev
Account Manager: Dariga Baigaliyeva



We love memes. Especially the old, classical ones.

That is why we decided to bring back the people that created a sensation in Kazakhstan in the past and have been off the scopes ever since. Just for fun.

We began with Yernar «Freestylo» Kaldynov, who was known for his performance at the local talent show in 2007.

Together, we recorded a song called «Freestylo — 9000», shot a music video and took Yernar to perform the song on the stage of a «Юность (Yunost’)» summer fest.

After that, we made our own version of an old advert named «Шампунь Жумайсынба (Zhumaisynba Shampoo*)»

We contacted the star of the video – Marat Alibayev, an actor who played the lead role in the advert, and made our version of the meme – 1Fit x Zhumaisynba

Then we remembered a controversy that happened during the tragic events of January in Kazakhstan, when the police captured a jazz musician from Kyrgyzstan – Vikram Ruzahkunov.
The public was upset with those news and broke them into absurd memes.

As a part of our launch-campaign in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, we asked Vikram to record a song for us. We made it into a music video and used a slogan «1Fit – jazz up!»

*A word play from Kazakh meaning «why don’t you shower your head?» and at the same time is a phrase meaning «why don’t you celebrate?»


We were happy with the people’s response to the videos. Users left comments about how it was nice to bring the old heros of classic memes and even suggested some new ideas for the future marketing campaigns.

In total, we reached 5 million people across all of the videos. 3.5 million of them were paid and 1.5 million were organic.

More than 3000 shares on social medias mentioning