Package design for wheat flour

Package design for wheat flour


Delta Group

Рабочая группа

Graphic designer & illustrator:
Rahib Mammadov | Dämirqaya


“Çörekçi” is one of the largest bread producers in Azerbaijan. Despite its name (it means “baker” in Azeri), neither the logo nor the packaging design reflected the spirit of the company. I proposed a rebranding of the logo and the creation of a mascot as part of this work. The mascot of such a brand, of course, had to be a baker. The process of creating the mascot was complex, each option had certain disadvantages. Its facial features had to correspond to a resident of our country and the mimicry should inspire confidence in the consumer. As a result, five options were selected from the numerous ones, and then the most suitable character was selected from them.

The creation of the mascot is just a part of the project, it was also necessary to create a packaging design. It’s not enough just to create a beautiful design, it must also have certain practicality. Therefore, I suggested to the client to divide the products not by flour grades, as all manufacturers do, but by area of ​​use. Indeed, the technologists noted that types of flour have their field of application. Soon, together with the company's technologists, 4 types of baking flour were created: cakes, flour dishes, bread, and for pizza. The result of the work was not just a beautiful package, but a functional solution that provides a convenient choice for the consumer.