Kawai: digital specialists school branding

Kawai: digital specialists school branding


Kawai school

Рабочая группа

Managing partner: Aziz Lutfullaev
Creative Director: Julia Nafikova
Art Director: Ilya Varyukhin
Web Designer: Vadim Pirneu
Copywriter: Anastacia Tananykina


Kawai School is a new educational center for Social Media Marketing specialists in Uzbekistan. The target audience of the project is students and novice bloggers. The founders of the school were inspired by Japan, the country that for many years has been a leader in the world in terms of the level and methods of education, as well as constant technological development. Naming Kawai has a reference to the name of a Japanese samurai and is similar to the youth term “Cute”.
The creative team was faced with the task of fixing the visual image of the school and developing a bright dynamic identity for the name of:
– web-site;
– social networks;
– corporate documentation;
– advertising posters;
– merch.

Developing brand identity, we were inspired by two sources:
1.Multifaceted Japanese culture. The worldview in modern Japan is influenced by the principles of "Bushido" – perseverance in achieving goals and the ability to appreciate every moment of life. And at the same time, the aesthetics of "Kawaii" – the concept of innocence and childishness, covering all areas of Japanese society.
2.Interests of the target audience. The core of the students is active and advanced youth, so they are very close to modern Japanese pop culture.
We decided to create a catchy brand identity that changes and develops as fast as the digital hobbies of the Zoomers generation. That is why we used modern fonts based on the aesthetics of the future and technology and neon-bright colors in Kawai project.

We have created a bright corporate identity. It focuses on Japanese culture and audience values and lives up to its announced title. We managed to bring Oriental motifs into the visualization of the brand, while retaining elements familiar to the local audience. And, finally, it suits the interests of the students.

Kawai School is launching an educational course from August, 2022.
The results of the advertising company, which took place from August 5 to 15: The started sales of the course have a high conversion from the site - 65.64% (in fact, 2 of 3 visitors leave applications). In this unique site visitors - 2675 people. Also, an outstanding indicator was the price for the lead - $0.14 (lids - 1810 people). The broadcast of the open session in the telegram at the peak was attended by 381 people (total 1106 people).