ASAP! Blood testing for expectant mother



Рабочая группа

Aizhan Smagulova- Head of marketing
Ayan Nurgazinov- Senior designer


Medical topics are very complex and incomprehensible for the general population People are aware of the importance of tests in diagnosing health, but a huge number and varieties cause fear and problem.

A task.
In medical laboratory there are complexes of services that allow you to independently take the tests, one of them is designed for women and men in preparation to become parents. This draw the attention of a wide audience to the complex analyzes of "Before pregnancy”.

On January 31, photos of pregnant Rihanna in a pink down jacket went viral in the media space. We decided to make a situational communication that will evoke emotions by beating Rihanna's pregnancy in the post. An important factor was to have time to react quickly to the newsbreak, no more than 12 hours, so it won’t get lost in the media space.
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